Why I Left the Greatest City on Earth to Move to… Durham?!?!

Hi y’all,

My name is Taylor, and welcome to my first of hopefully many fun and amusing blog posts on my move to Durham, my life, growing up, “figuring it out,” making mistakes, and learning.

I moved to Durham 3 months ago from the NY/NJ area. Before I left, I had a going away party to say goodbye to close friends and family, and many people seemed baffled, including myself, that I was moving to Durham. I had been working in NYC at a startup and even received a job offer in NYC, but I chose to move to Durham, North Carolina- WHY? What was I thinking?

Here are the top reasons I moved:

1. I got a very exciting job opportunity in my desired field at an already established company (vs. startup) #stability with a lot of room for growth, innovation, and trying new things.

2. I got offered less money in Durham than in NYC, but I could afford to live on my own in Durham, and if I worked in NYC, I’d still be living with dear old mom and pops.

3. Durham is FREAKIN AWESOME! It’s in the research triangle, which consists of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. There is so much vibrancy, creativity, and entrepreneurship here.

Bronto, a top-notch e-mail marketing company, whose headquarters are based in the American Tobacco District in Durham was just bought for $200 million by NetSuite, a company out of California. Bronto is staying here in Durham and now just has more money supporting it and investing in its continued success.

4. Durham is 2 hours from the beach and 3 hours from the mountains- that’s pretty awesome!

5. Durham is cool enough for hipsters, so it’s cool enough for me, but seriously, it’s a fun place filled with coffee shops that could double as free co-working spaces where people and creatives of all ages set up shop, bring their laptops, and work it!

  • Mad Hatter– they have power strips lining the windowsills to plug in your laptops and other electronic devices.
  • Bean Traders– they make a mean Earl Gray tea and have an awesome vibe- colorful walls, high top tables and stools, unique furniture and fixtures.
  • Looking Glass (Carborro, NC)- hipster central, great vibe, good tunes, also great colorful decorations, bright walls, cool furniture, great place to get some work done.

Here are the top questions I ask myself daily since moving to Durham:

1. Why hasn’t everyone moved to Durham?

2. How does anyone go back to NY after being in Durham? The cost of living is so much cheaper. I live in a studio for $651 a month, my gas is about $10 less every time I fill my tank, it’s sunny almost everyday, the flowers are blooming and breathtaking, I can hear the birds chirping every morning, there are free art spaces to display and view artwork like The Carrack, there is less traffic, there is less cursing, people are actually nice (despite what southerners down here say about other southerners here not really expressing how they truly feel and always “being nice,” which is fake- I call bull shit on that!). I have met so many genuinely nice people who have gone out of their way to open their homes to me, support my move and transition here, and make me feel at home.

2 thoughts on “Why I Left the Greatest City on Earth to Move to… Durham?!?!

  1. Nice Taylor! Looking forward to sniping the best spots you find!
    On coffee, I was told when looking at Durham for my move—
    someone said (very proudly) how the city itself doesn’t have a St*rbucks (there is now I think)— but not doing chain stuff is such a cool point of pride here & gives us awesome variety.


  2. hi taylor
    i admire your courage and passion everyday i see another fascinating thing you do!
    good luck to you. you are on an amazing journey called Life…
    and you are truly living it well..
    diamond wishes always,


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