I’m a Virgin


  1. a person who is naive, innocent, or inexperienced, especially in a particular context.
  2. not yet touched, used, or exploited.
synonyms: untouched, unspoiled, untainted, immaculate, pristine, #flawless –> just call me Beyoncé.

In many ways, I’m a virgin. I have virgin hair- I’ve never dyed it. I have virgin skin- no tattoos. I’m a virgin when it comes to many other life experiences too. I have never run a marathon. I haven’t gotten too deep into the sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll scene either.

Since moving to Durham, I find myself reflecting on this a lot and wondering what’s holding me back from having many life experiences that my peers are having- whether it be the whole sex, drugs, rock n’ roll scene, or moving in with a boyfriend, or going on a crazy adventure, I have come to some sort of conclusion that I want to start living my life more like I don’t know if I have tomorrow. Now, this does not mean I’ll be reckless and crazy, but I do want to be a bit more Steve Jobs-esque and ask myself daily, “Is this what I want to be doing right now?” Obviously, I’m not Steve Jobs, and it would be unwise of me to not show up to work one day because that’s not what I want to be doing one day. It would probably also be unwise to blow off commitments to go do drugs, but the key, as I think is true with almost everything, is balance.

Baby steps. I have never dyed my hair, because I was concerned for health reasons that putting chemicals in my hair would irreversibly damage it, and I was really not into the idea of putting such strong chemicals on my scalp. I may even have some irrational fears about said chemicals seeping into my skull and into my brain … Anyways, in the spirit of trying new things, I think I may dye my hair and maybe even get a new scandalous piercing. Why? Because I want to. Because I’m dating myself and we’re in our experimental phase, I guess.

I have this newfound hunger to try new things and experiences and not let all my fears hold me back. I’m not going to jump out of a plane anytime soon or trip on acid, but I am going to push myself outside my comfort zone.

What will you do to push yourself outside your comfort zone today? Answer in the comments below.

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