The Best Date of My Life

Dating oneself can get lonely, but recently I took myself on the best date I have ever been on. It even topped a date I went on with my gay hairdresser, who bought me dinner, and went to see The Isley Brothers with me, which is my favorite concert I have seen at DPAC so far. He was such a gentleman, made great conversation, and I could be me with him. Bonus, I didn’t feel self-conscious about what I wore, how I looked, if food was in my teeth, etc. because I felt totally accepted with him, and knew if there was food in my teeth, he’d find a clever way to tell me.

This Friday night, I spontaneously decided to splurge on a ticket to see Jerry Seinfeld, which I was not going to do. I’m not a huge fan of his, only because I don’t follow his work very much. I wasn’t fully sure what I was in for or if I’d enjoy it, but I really hoped I would laugh my ass off. After blowing more than a round-trip flight home (mind you, I found a flight for $58 this week), I was ready for some Friday night entertainment. Then, I got hungry… I was also not planning on buying myself dinner as I’m budgeting, but then I figured, “What the hell?” So, I took myself to Luna Rotisserie and Empanadas, a restaurant that recently opened in Durham and one at which my friend claims she had “the best chicken of her life.” So, I went to try it out. It was delicious. I ordered rotisserie chicken and two sides that came with traditional South American sauces that were full of flavor. My meal was $13, and it was brought out to me within 5 minutes of my placing and paying for my order. It was perfect, because sometimes I get self-conscious taking myself out on a Friday or Saturday night and being the only one at a table by herself- most people are with their significant others or families. I even brought Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari to keep me company,  but only got through a paragraph before my meal was served. Because of the speediness of the meal, I made it back to DPAC just in time to see Jerry. I’m usually late to the shows even when I go straight from my office to the show. Jerry’s opener was Larry Miller, who did not really make me laugh- he may have got a chuckle out of me here or there, but not much more. Then the lights went off and back on and Jerry ran across the stage. He started off slow, meaning with jokes that were funny, but did not have me laughing out loud. By the time, he got to jokes comparing the post office mail and e-mails, I was laughing so hard I was crying. Still not sure what I found so hysterical about stamps and the short shorts the mailmen wear, but glad I did. He also did a whole routine on marriage and the differences between men and women, which also had me crying. I enjoyed this night very much and did not look at my phone once during Jerry’s performance, which is a very big deal, because, as much as I don’t want to admit it, I am glued to my phone. Checking it very frequently has become somewhat of an obsessive compulsion. I feel like I can’t control it; it often feels like a natural instinct that is hard to break free from doing. But Jerry had my undivided attention.

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