I’m Broken

I feel like such a nerd because I was watching Jane the Virgin last night, and on it,giphy Jane kept discussing the light or spark that hits, and you just feel compelled to write. It was very “telenovela-lized” and cheesy… like she’d get this idea, and then rip open her computer and the white light from the screen would blind her and there was a loud “aaaaw” sound.


Well, I feel like that now, and when I was watching last night, I kept thinking to myself what a load of bogus and that I had never felt quite like that. I mean there are times I feel more inspired to write and times I feel less inspired,but not white light “aaaw” inspired.

Tonight, I feel inspired. I was about to go to bed, but then I looked at an e-mail on my phone that I received earlier today from Pinterest about “Pins You’d be interested in.” I don’t usually read these, and I don’t usually feel e-mails like these are accurate as I get them from places like Buffer or Pocket on suggested social posts or articles I may like and often they don’t feel that personalized to me.

Tonight was different though. One of the pins Pinterest found for me really resonated with me.

funny-plate-broken-repair-goldI found it inspiring to be reminded of the art of being “more beautiful for having been broken.” One of my favorite quotes is by Leonard Cohen, who sings

“Forget your perfect offering.

There is a crack in everything.

That’s how the light gets in.”

That quote has helped me with my perfectionism a lot and helped me to be more accepting of life’s flaws, as well as my own. I like the idea of a crack actually allowing a new perspective or light in and embellishing something like a piece of pottery that has been repaired with gold or silver.

These all may seem cheesy. I hate saying that, but I just like to acknowledge other people and that you don’t have to agree with me or like what I say. This is just how I feel in this moment, which is very depressed and grateful for this Pin in my inbox this evening. It reminded me at the perfect time that it’s okay to feel broken and being broken will just become a part of my story, and my story will be better for this rough time I’m going through now.

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