He Doesn’t Know This But We Went Out on My 25th Birthday

So, the other night I was facetiming with my friend in Austin, and we were catching each other up on our love lives. Wait, what? Since, when do I have a love life? Hah, actually I’ve had a love life for quite some time, but up until now, it hasn’t romantically involved anyone but me!

Anyways…. catching each other up on our love lives… We were sharing funny date stories, etc. So, I made the comment “He doesn’t know this but we went out on my 25th birthday,” and my friend broke out uncontrollably laughing hysterically for a good few minutes. I was just telling her about a guy I like and the first date that we went on was on my 25th birthday, but he still does not know that… 5 dates later. Well, he might now ;-)! “Hii! Yeah, we went out on my 25th birthday and that’s why we both were confused about how many years apart we are…”

So, yes, he and I went out on my 25th birthday. It was my second date from the dating app Bumble, and I had just declared to myself that this year was dedicated to getting me outside my comfort zone- so I decided a date on my birthday was the perfect thing to do. Plus, the previous year was dedicated to me putting my needs and desires first. My desire was to go on a date with this guy and the day that worked for both of us happened to be my birthday. So, I went on a date on my birthday and did not tell the guy it was my birthday because I didn’t want to put any pressure on him or make it weird. I mean I’d feel weird going on a first date with a guy on his birthday-

“Do I get him a gift? Do I not? Why would he want to hang out with a complete stranger on his birthday and not close family and friends? Maybe he has no friends?”

Maybe, that’s just me and maybe I’m crazzzayyy! But I don’t think so. I think it could add some added stress and pressure to a first date. So, I didn’t tell him and still have not told him, but he could be reading this now and if you are, THIS blog post is about YOU :-p.

So yeah, we had a really great date and then went on three more, and have a fifth one coming soon that may or may not involve tutus and feathers. More on this…. maybe…. later….


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