I’m Worth It

(Editor’s Note: I found this in my drafted posts and thought it was worth sharing. I believe this was written in June of 2017.)

Recently, I’ve been pretty angry-

– viscerally so… I feel it in my whole body. I feel it in my stomach, my chest, and the way my whole body feels tense and clenched. I’m grateful to be feeling my feelings as for many years, I think I suppressed any feelings of anger and did my best to push them down, but anger is a painful emotion, and one that is hard to express.

One thing currently angering me is money. Recently, I made the realization that all of my mentors are white men from the ages of 27 – 70 years old. What upset me about this is that all of them have told me I can’t get what I want financially in one form or another. Upon realizing all of my mentors were male, I took the weekend to reach out to some badass women ages 24- 29 who live in California and New York and work in the startup space or at big tech companies. What I realized is that all of my female mentors were telling me I CAN and to go after it and not give up and to ask for and express what I truly want. All of my male mentors advised against me saying what I actually want and need or so it sure felt that way.

Here are some resources for women in business looking for support, mentorship, an ego boost, or someone to lean on.

Lean In Circles are a place to learn new skills and go further in your life and career. Lean In Circles are small groups who meet regularly to learn and grow together, and they’re changing lives. Women are asking for more, stepping outside their comfort zones, and leaning in.

  • Contact me at tzansberg@gmail.com. Happy to support you in any way I can. My expertise is in social media, branding, content creation, digital marketing and media. If I’m not the best fit for you, I can connect you with someone who has the skills, expertise, or experience you are looking for.
  • Read blogs- every blog you can get your hands on. Below are some examples:
    • Refinery 29’s Not a Trophy Wife– a series on the Gender Wage Gap and sharing money in relationships.
    • FindSpark– great resource for young professionals and creatives. They have a blog with great content and host online and in real life events to support your career development
    • The Muse– read inspirational content like this: On Not Giving Up
    • When all else fails GTS (google that shit), Google whatever it is that you are looking for – inspiration, top paying tech jobs, software developer boot camp, best salary negotiation strategies for women- there is bound to be an article, a blog, or YouTube video or channel dedicated to whatever you are searching for, and if there is not, create one by interviewing people to learn more and posting what you learn online to benefit others.
    • Read blogs by other young ambitious women like Mal’s Journal
    • Join an empowering community like LearnVest, which empowers everyone to take control of their personal finances and was started by a GIRL BOSS Alexa Von Tobel.

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