The Start of Something New…

Day 3 of 365

TODAY was a good day. It didn’t start so great…

(So, I feel like this blog and this 365 days of creating content challenge is becoming like a diary for me, which is not what I want…. but “Dating Myself in Durham” was originally intended as a space for me to date/get to know myself and share what that process was like, which in many ways is what the function of a diary is, i.e. to explore oneself. I digress…)

Well, it started okay, then was not so great, then was really a good day.

This morning was the first morning in a long time that instead of immediately looking at my phone and hopping on social media the minute my eyes opened, I read some spiritual daily reading books that I intend to read every morning first thing, but recently I’ve been getting sucked into the black hole of social media/the internet, e-mails, etc. and waste countless hours scrolling, clicking, skimming, and reading. BUT, today, I read my daily readings, but then I went back to sleep and overslept and was a little late for something I had planned to be a part of. Nevertheless, I showed up and was present for what I had committed to do earlier this week. I met up with some friends. In meeting with these friends, I realized I have a lot I could be negative about and was reminded that the more I focus on the negative, the more negative I get, so I focused on what I was grateful for. The thing I felt most grateful for in that moment was getting out of the house today and seeing all of the beautiful leaves. The leaves changed colors late here this year and are gorgeous and vibrant.


I think my decision to focus on the positive helped dictate the rest of my day. I had made a plan to clean a certain area of my apartment and to go ice skating today. I cleaned my apartment and started making a pot of turkey chili and posted about my going ice skating, which resulted in someone inviting me over for Thanksgiving dinner. Getting things done, moving, and having Thanksgiving plans I was looking forward to changed my whole outlook for the day. I was motivated to organize the papers I had been avoiding and clean the dishes I used to cook my chili right after I used them.

I guess the message of my experience today is to keep moving forward. I could have sulked all day or thrown a pity party for myself and not invited anyone to it. I could have dwelled in some of my unpleasant feelings, scrolled through happy holidays pictures and posts, family pictures, baby pictures, engagement pictures, wedding pictures, exotic vacation pictures – all on social media, and watched romantic Hallmark Holiday movies and completely missed the day- missed out on the sunshine and the crisp Fall day. Instead, I accomplished things I needed to do and felt really good about myself for taking care of myself.

I’ve been thinking about ways I want to express or focus my creativity for a while even before starting this challenge and here are some ideas I have:

1. Water color- I bought water colors, brushes, and books a couple of years ago and set up a cute corner in my room with a table and chair to do water colors and never did it. I think I ended up throwing it all away when I moved, but something about water colors feels very soothing and peaceful to me, and I imagine playing with color would be fun for me on a blank white canvas. This is something I may explore more.

2. I’ve been wanting to start a new blog for probably a year or more. The idea is “Dating Other People in Durham” – I don’t think that is what it will be called as it will not be about dating, but will be about the people I meet in Durham, their stories, and what I learn from them. I was thinking it would be all females I meet for coffee for networking, business, advice, or mentorship. I have a vision for this, but have yet to start this.

I meet with people all of the time and get a lot out of it. It is what keeps me inspired, energized, and motivated. Some of the people I meet say the most amazing things or have such expressive facial expressions and body language or speak very eloquently- I want my blog to capture these moments.

My freshman year in college I took a course called “Multimedia Uses of Oral History,” in which I learned to tell people’s stories using different mediums- words, pictures, videos, audio, art, and more. That is how I envision this blog. I want to ask the people I meet for permission to record our conversation- either by audio, video, photography, or all three methods, and then use that to craft my posts/stories.

I gain so much wisdom and insight from these people I meet with, and I want to share it. Plus, I love stories and storytelling. I also enjoy sharing other people’s stories in an effort to change the world, change one person’s mind, or just create a change of some sort- big or small. I like to shake things up and cause people to think and see things in a different light. I myself enjoy being challenged to see things differently and think about the world and people in a different way than what I am accustomed to.

3. Lists- Of what I want, what I need, I’m not sure yet- but I make lists, and I think writing things down and sharing them may hold me more accountable or at least will help me have a written record of what I say I want to do or am going to do.

4. I want a dog… so exploring that may be the subject of another piece of content I produce. I recently was shown a picture of a black lab puppy that for some reason for the past few days have not been able to stop thinking about. Maybe it’s because it’s the holidays, and I’m lonely, but maybe it’s not… who knows? But the decision to get a dog or not get a dog is not one I take lightly, and I have lots of thoughts and pro cons I could throw around about this.

Signing out for day 3 of 365. To day 4 tomorrow!


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