Dating Myself

I took myself ice skating last night and skated by myself and had a really good time. I thought I would have a hard time being all alone, but I really enjoyed myself- the Christmas music, the families skating together, the small children on skates- some tripping all over themselves, some teasing each other, and some small enough to be skating in between their parents’ legs. I caught myself giggling a few times at the site of these mini people in mini skates roaming around the ice without a fear or care in the world, or so, it seemed that way.

My next date with myself is going to be to see Lady Bird.

I’m dating myself again because I think it’s important for me to like me and for me to like taking me out and spending money on myself and time with myself before I can expect someone else to do that.

There are no rules to my dating myself. I can see other people, and I have been wearing my engagement ring on my right hand since it resurfaced. It still serves as a reminder to take care of myself, but it also leaves space for someone other than myself to be present in my life and to go through life with me.

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