Say What You Mean & Mean What You Say

Day 24

Today, I had a very empowering experience. I told someone exactly what I want, shared some of my ideas and dreams and was listened to.

This feels like a breakthrough for me as I think I tend to not share what I actually want and hope/expect others to be able to read my mind.

This particular scenario happened in a professional setting, but can be applied to dating too.

It feels like the rules in dating are you can’t share how you really feel or what you really want. You need to stay mysterious or seem uninterested because if you show too much interest, eagerness, or excitement, you scare away a potential match or mate. Similarly, in professional settings, there is also a fine line to balance as if you ask for too much, you could come off as greedy, arrogant, or ungrateful.

I hate posts like what I just wrote above. They have no substance and don’t really tell you anything. What I really want to write about are things that I don’t feel comfortable sharing, so then I start to talk in generalities and more vaguely and speak in cliches or more heavily agreed upon opinions.


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