I’m 32% Done With Life…Living My Best Possible Life

Often when I write my blog posts, the first thing I write is the title, and I have a theme or basic outline or idea in my head of what the post will shape up to be.

Today is not one of those days…

I have an idea, but I’m not sure what form this post will take… so, here it goes

I read a piece today that inspired me, and wanted to talk about it and what it made me think about.

I also want to make a video about my calendar dilemma and share it . I finally got my 2018 calendars and will make a video to talk about them and ask for suggestions. Notice, I said calendars, not calendar, as in more than one calendar- that is the issue. I work out of two or more calendars daily…

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my career and have been hesitant to share anything for fear that it could influence my current job, but I have come to a place, where I feel it is okay to talk about career development and career growth as a whole as that is something I have been interested in since I graduated from college- people’s careers, their paths, the decisions they make, and actions they take to advance in their careers.

The article I read today is called “Why Nas Daily Quit His Job at Venmo to Make Facebook Videos.” A friend sent this article to me this morning, I think, because of my 365 day challenge to create content every day and how for some of this challenge, I have taken to making Facebook Live videos, and am posting all of my content on Facebook. What inspired me about this piece is twofold:

  1. That he was 25 when he quit his job and says he’s at “33 percent,”which is the fraction of his life already lived, and he wears a T-shirt with   the33 percent timeline on it every day. I found this deeply inspiring for multiple reasons.
    1. He’s young and is finding and following his passion.
    2. He wears the same shirt every day, which is a really strong technique for building his personal brand, as well as reminding him that his life is 33% over, and each day, he has a choice to live his life to the fullest, as each day the percent of his life that is over increases.
  2. The day after he quit his job, he started making videos. This is huge to me. I’m not sure from this article if he had a full fledged plan when he quit, but I like that he took action the next day, and I like that he has been creating videos every day for over 438 days.

“Over a year ago, Nuseir Yassin, the face and mind behind viral videographer Nas Daily, quit his job at Venmo in New York City. Since then, Yassin, 25, says he’s at “33 percent,” which is the fraction of his life already lived, and even wears T-shirts with a 33 percent timeline every day. Today, despite his past as a Harvard graduate, he travels and makes videos everything, something so many people aren’t able to do until the latter part of their lives. ‘438 days ago (from the time of this interview) I was a software engineer at Venmo. I quit, and the day after I started making videos,”’Yassin said. “

More on Nas Daily

Me & My Calendars

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