My Obsession with Money: Is Money the Force?

I just saw the Last Jedi in iMAX 3D. I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did. I think I enjoyed it partially because after hearing from a few serious Star Wars fans that it sucked, I also heard from one of my close friends that she really enjoyed it. She is not a huge Star Wars fan, but is very involved in and committed to her religious beliefs. She spoke about some of the religious and spiritual themes she saw in the movie about good and evil and connecting to a force that is within ourselves and connects us to one another and the things around us.

Taping into my own “force,” I think has been a lifelong process for me. I think a “force” for me means believing in something bigger than myself whether that be gravity, the sun, fire, God, or something entirely different, I think it’s just important for me to be aware of my own lack of power in many situations, i.e. I can’t make it snow or stop it from snowing and I can’t change other people or make them behave as I’d like them to.

Money feels like a strong force to me and something greater than myself. Money also feels like something that has the potential to do things I don’t want to do or don’t fully enjoy.

Today, I watched a Facebook Live with Nas Daily, and he talked about his feeling enslaved to money (starting at 17:17- 17:55) when he worked in the corporate world at a job he did not feel he was great at or completely satisfied with.

In it, he says he wants to make a million dollars asap, just so that he doesn’t have to think twice about spending money or going anywhere or doing anything.

He says he doesn’t care about money, he just wants the financial freedom. I resonate with this, but also think this is not the most well articulated thought; as to want financial freedom, involves caring about money. I’m not sure that it really matters what you want the money for, i.e. if it’s for a penthouse on the Upper Westside or so you can pick up and travel wherever you want whenever you want; both to me, are forms of financial freedom and involve caring about money.

I would like to make more money to be able to do and buy the things I would like without thinking or worrying. I would like to know I can do and have the life I would like. Money allows for that; Money is a huge source of power.

Money has the power to change people’s minds, to create change, and to effect serious positive or negative impact in people, relationships, neighborhoods, communities, and the world at large. It is a strong force, and a force I seem to care very strongly and deeply about as to me it represents freedom and independence.

Signing out for day 33 of 365. May the force be with you always.

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