Day 35 of 365

I don’t have a plan or a topic for today’s content. I didn’t have much of a plan for today and the plans I did have did not go as planned. I’m thinking once again about filters and how we filter so much of our lives, especially on social media.

I have 24 unpublished blog posts sitting in my drafts right now. Some are unfinished ideas, while others are things I don’t feel comfortable sharing because they feel too personal, intimate, or inappropriate.

I’m also still thinking about what makes good content and what determines what is good content. I have been disappointed with the last few Nas Daily 1 minute videos. They seem lazy and don’t really tell a meaningful story or say something new, novel, original, or at least say something that’s already been said or agreed upon, but in a different or unique way. His video today was about apple products being expensive and his video yesterday was a happy holiday message.

The video today has some cool edits and features, but overall, the videos feel a little lazy to me. I’m more interested in learning about Nas, his religion, story, relationship, money, business, and interesting people he meets than consuming generic holiday messages or content.

One thing I respect about Nas Daily is how he tries to be more authentic and honest in his videos than others by sharing about his relationship woes and sharing about his finances. Since watching a few of his different videos on how much money he has, I’ve thought about doing the same in an effort to make money less invisible and more visible. We often only see what others have, not what they don’t or what they are sacrificing for what they do have. Or we make up stories about what others have or don’t. Talking about money and our financial situations is very taboo. I think about money a lot because to me money equals freedom, and it’s a very interesting topic to discuss as it is something that seems to be discussed so rarely.

I don’t want my content to be lazy, generic, or boring, but as the same time, I see how difficult it can be to come up with something new, exciting, and engaging every day.

Therefore, in order to stay true to my 365 day challenge he of creating content every day, I sometimes have to push publish on content I am not proud of or feel ashamed or embarrassed of or I feel is incomplete or could be better as one of the points of this challenge is to get me to do thinks I am uncomfortable with… to day 36 being even better and more challenging!

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