Stuff & Creating Space Part 2

Today, I spent the day going through boxes from my parent’s attic. It’s amazing how much stuff I have accumulated. It also feels embarrassing. It seems I have a very hard time getting rid of anything.

Here are just a few of the things I have found today:

  • My pink leopard tights I wore my senior year in high school
  • Aqua green shoelaces that came with my high top Reebok sneakers from high school
  • A juicy couture wristlet from my high school days as well
  • A plaid Coach wristlet I got for my Bat Mitzvah as a gift from a friend
  • My high school student i.d.
  • My messenger bag from when I was a research assistant on the Choice Neighborhoods project in Yonkers, NY right after I graduated from college
  • A box of memories from when I worked at FindSpark, swag, my badge from working at the U.S. Open, and a visor from Odie’s Ocean Grill in Long Island.

So far, I opened all of my boxes, but 3. I have sorted everything into 3 piles –

1- Donate

2- Consignment

3- Uncertain

The uncertain pile is very large and contains the stuff I am not sure I am ready to part with- clothes, books, water colors, notebooks, handbags, backpacks.


I bagged up a bunch of clothes, handbags, and shoes to donate. I also put together 3 large boxes of clothes, handbags, shoes, scarfs, and winter gear to take to a consignment store.

All of this makes me think about creating space. My goal is to get rid of all of the stuff that belongs to me in my parent’s house, but this is very challenging. I have t-shirts from every stage of my life- sleep away, high school, college, sports, vacations, sporting events concerts- those were relatively easy for me to bag up and donate as I realize I don’t need materialistic items to remember all of the different times in my life.

I also have all of the clothes I bought for and in India- my shalwar kameezs, all of my ski gear, winter jackets, awards from college sports, books, all of my old school work, all of my year books, old pictures, old electronics (portable cd players, a walkman, cassette tapes), bathing suits, blankets, snow boots, leggings, bath robes, prom dresses, and my old blackberry curve.

Some of the stuff feels easy to part with like old awards from sports, jackets I no longer wear, but the ski stuff feels like something I may want someday, but then I think why save all of this stuff and make my parents store it or move it with them?

I also feel shame writing about all of this as I realize these are very first world problems to have and there are many people who don’t even have one winter jacket. I am doing my best to donate and consign as much as I can.

Going through all of my belongings brings up a lot for me about my values and what’s important to me. I place a lot of value in materialistic things, and this has been something I am always working to place less importance on.

(Day 36 of 365)

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