The Part of Me You Don’t See

Today is day 43 of 365. It feels like each day gets harder to create content…

So here goes nothing… 😉


  • How fun and glamorous my life is… seems …
  • A fun Hanukkah party I attended that happened to have a professional photographer there who made my friends and I look like rock stars
  • Doing press with a sexy Latino man who happens to star in a Broadway musical
  • Facebook Living the end of opening night of a sold out Broadway show

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  • I worked until 9pm tonight
  • I ate dinner at 11pm
  • My apartment looks like a cyclone hit
  • I grocery shopped at 9:30pm tonight in the snow
  • There was a bad car accident on my way home from work in the snow and dark that delayed me being able to turn on my street
  • My counterpart at another venue reached out to me today about work frustrations and having to prove everything to senior leadership. My point in sharing this one is that, to me, this person has it made, and yet even this person experiences challenging and frustrating times.
  • I spoke to a friend from my past today who hated going to Jewish Day school and is now happily married to a Jewish woman with whom he had a beautiful traditional Jewish wedding. I, on the other hand, LOVED going to Jewish Day school and was there by choice, and if you asked my parents in sixth grade, what I’d grow up to be, they may have guessed a rabbi. Today, I, on the other hand, am dating a lot of non-Jewish men, most recently an Indian man, and have no plans of getting married or starting a family anytime soon.


All of this is to break down some of the walls social media builds. Social media is a very powerful tool and can be used for good or evil.

  • Social media has the potential to change the world.
  • It has the potential to connect people who otherwise would have never connected.
  • It has the power to share stories.
  • The power to change the way people see, experience, and interact with the world.

Therefore, I am always making an effort to let people in a bit more on social media on what actually goes on in my life and how I really feel and experience the world as often, #MyLifeLooksBetterOnInstagram.

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