Content That is Inspiring Me

(Day 46 of 365)

I spent some of today watching videos that were submitted for the Cancun Experience Officer Contest. Over 6,000 people applied, and the top 50 were released yesterday.

The winner will become Cancun’s Experience Officer and will be tasked with creating engaging videos and content to help improve Cancun’s tourism.

Here are a bunch of the videos I enjoyed watching:

Riley Reid – What’s inspiring about Riley is he is a recent graduate of UNC Journalism & Media School and instead of following the traditional path of job hunting post-grad. He decided to pave his own path and give himself time to reflect on what is important to him, what he values, what he enjoys, and how he would most like to spend his time. So, for the past 4 months, he has lived and worked at a surf hostel in Trocones, Mexico. Watch his video and vote for him here.

Nick Anderson– He is 27 years old, and like Riley, a very talented and skilled videographer and storyteller. His “reality is a dream [he] does not want to wake up from.” He can tell a compelling story that resonates with others.

This video I just enjoyed watching- great soundtrack, cute couple. The video is not perfect, and there are things I’d change, but I enjoyed the way they shared their story and found this couple laying in the middle of the street to replicate the scene from the Notebook very fun and silly.

Trae Stevens– not the best video in terms of storyline, but I enjoyed watching and thought some of the videography was really well done and liked the soundtrack she chose.

Jake Triplett– also not the best video, but I love how Jake owns who he is and where he is from. At first, I found his dance break weird and a little embarrassing and then, next thing I knew, I was laughing out loud. I would have done things differently like cut all the interviews with townspeople about the new stoplight, but I did like this “Little Did You Know” sequence. I like his excitement and passion.

Ryan Shirley

  • I like how he brands himself as an “irrational thinker,” and OWNS it! He “loves making videos because it allows him to turn his unrealistic ideas into reality.”
  • He knows how to show, not tell. “I could give a lot of reasons why I’m qualified for this job, but I’d rather let my videos do the talking.”

Songs I Discovered or Re-Discovered Because of All the Travel Vlogs I Watched Today

That’s all for today, folks. Keep creating! You never know who your content will touch or inspire.



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