50 for %)

Today is Day 50 of my 365 day challenge to create content everyday.

First, I would like to thank everyone who has followed me thus far on my adventures to create content every day and publish it. Thank you to all those who have reached out and shared kind words of support- it has meant a lot to me! I’m glad to hear my content is being consumed and well-received by some.

Second, for tonight’s post, I would like to change the tune I’ve been singing recently. This tune involves a few mini violins and the lyrics go something like “poor me” or “shame on me.”

Tonight, I would like to acknowledge that I have kept this challenge up for 50 days so far, and take pride in that. The tune I have been singing also goes something like, “there are a lot of things I say I am going to and don’t do or have said for years I am going to do, but don’t do.” So, tonight instead of making a list of those things. I’ll make a list of 50 things I said I’d do that I did in fact follow through with and do.

I’m not sure if this will be a reoccurring theme or pattern yet as for day 25, I made a list of 25 things I was grateful for, but I did not disclose what the list of 25 things was a list of- so, now you know 😉 So, perhaps every 25 days, I will do a gratitude list of sorts, i.e. day 25, day 50, day 100, day 125, day 150, and so, on, and each list will grow.

I say “perhaps” because I think one of the things that has made this challenge successful thus far has been my not setting rigid guidelines, boundaries, or rules on it. It’s flexible, and the content can take many different forms- so it’s not a video every day or 30 min of writing, etc. It’s me making a commitment to carve out some time each day to create something- some days, my creation are more involved and others not so much.

So, here it goes – 50 Things I Said I Would Do* & Did

(*Note: some of them involve not doing anything, which is this case counts as doing something.)

  1. I said I would create content for 365 days and have done so for 50 days so far
  2. I’ve been brushing and flossing my teeth every day for the last 3 days even when I don’t want to (flossing is hard ;-( )
  3. I’ve gotten up and gone to work every day even when I don’t want to because I’m tired
  4. I’ve paid my rent on time for 2 years and 10 months
  5. I have not used my credit card unless I had a plan of how I would pay for whatever I charged
  6. I have worked out 3x this week (which I committed to doing on Sunday)
  7. I ran 6 miles almost ever Wednesday last year except when I had a legitimate excuse
  8. I haven’t eaten sugar, wheat, or flour in over 3 years
  9. I am always working and conscientious about being better about living within my means
  10. I focused on myself for a year when I committed to doing so
  11. I went home over the holiday break this year to clean out my stuff at my parent’s house (something I’ve been saying I wanted to do for years, i.e. downsize my personal possessions) and donated ~12 bags of clothes, DVDs, consigned a couple of boxes of my old clothes, and recycled old school work I had been hanging on to
  12. I got a full-time job with benefits, which is what I wanted to do when I graduated from college
  13. I go to the dentist every 6 months
  14. I’ve started on downsizing my personal possessions in my apartment in North Carolina and have one bag started of donations and one bag of trash started
  15. I consistently engage in activities 2-8x a week to support my mental, physical, and emotional well-being
  16. I use my daily planner and write down on paper and set electronic reminders when necessary of what I need to accomplish each day
  17. I cut all of my hair off, which was something I always said I wanted to do
  18. I grew out all of my body hair out, which was also something I wanted to do
  19. I attended and graduated from a Jewish Day school, a dream that materialized when I was in kindergarten
  20. I can write and read Hebrew, which was a goal I set in kindergarten
  21. Sexually, I have never done anything I didn’t want to do
  22. I have not given up on my dreams and remain hope of achieving them
  23. I had a senior singing recital in college and invited everyone I wanted to and performed
  24. I wrote a feature length screenplay
  25. I read the entire Hebrew Bible my freshman year in college
  26. I found the water color supplies I thought I threw out from when I initially decided I wanted to do water colors in high school and used them to do water colors recently
  27. I have started to have difficult conversations and expressed things I wanted to say, but held back saying for a long time
  28. I said I wanted to start dating, and I did it
  29. I’ve asked for what I wanted and gotten it in a few different situations
  30. I took a trip to Boston in September that I said I wanted to take and planned for it and did it
  31. I saved money and bought a new laptop in cash when my old laptop broke
  32. I took a 9 week financial course and used what I learned from that class for several months
  33.   I went grocery shopping last weekend and meal planned this week. I portioned food out for all of my meals and snacks this week
  34. I have improved in not giving advice unless asked for it or unless I first ask, “do you want my opinion?”
  35. I told my friend I would pick her up at the airport last Sunday, and I did
  36. I had plans on Saturday morning and I followed through with them
  37. I planned to run tonight, and I ran tonight
  38. I turn down the heat almost every time I leave my house to conserve energy and cut my heat bill down
  39. I did all of my laundry and changed my sheets before I went home for the holidays, which I said I wanted to do so I would come home to a clean apartment
  40. I said I would go to my friend’s New Years Eve party, and I showed up
  41. I told my Mom I would clean out my boxes and I did
  42. I take care of myself
  43. I have not bought a car I can’t afford, which is something I have been very clear on not wanting to do
  44. I ask for other people’s opinions, but I have improved on listening to what I know in my heart is the right thing to do or not do
  45. Even though I was advised by many to take a car that could have been gifted to me, I did not as I knew, for me, it was not the right thing
  46. I got accepted to move into a bigger apartment that I thought I wanted and opted not to because I realized it would have not made my life easier or more convenient
  47. I stood up for myself today and told someone what I was actually feeling and thinking instead of keeping quiet or pretending I didn’t know or pretending everything was okay
  48. I am committed to continuing to learn and have attended several events and conferences in the past year for that reason
  49. I went to a Women’s Empowerment conference by myself that I wanted to go to the prior year but couldn’t because of conflicting plans, and attended this year
  50. I am learning to be more unapologetically me each day

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