I really didn’t want to create content today.

I had dinner and was not feeling too hot. I have a runny nose that has been ongoing for over a month, and my right hip is very sore and in pain from a run last night.

After dinner, I laid down in bed, which I knew was a bad idea in terms of my creating content today as I knew I’d fall asleep and didn’t know when ‘d wake up again, but happy to report, I woke up before the day was over…

I was woken by a phone call, and when I got out of bed, my hip was no longer hurting. I iced it this afternoon and then rested for a couple of hours. During this rest, I drooled all over myself, which is not typical for me, and leads me to believe I was really exhausted and needed the rest so I am taking day 51 as a day to remind myself and others the importance of self-care and resting. I needed a break today and needed some genuine R&R, removed from a screen (be that a computer, phone, etc.) I needed to shut my eyes, sleep, an disconnect.

To creating something more interesting tomorrow.

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