Gratitude 10 Day Challenge to Hit the Reset Button

To changing my tune

I am committing for the next 10 days to making my content a gratitude list. Maybe it will take different forms- video, list making, water colors, song, dance, who knows?

  1. My physical health
  2. Warmer weather today
  3. Speaking my truth
  4. Feeling more hopeful
  5. Feeling inspired by other’s resiliency- ability to go through some of my worst nightmares and to persevere and come out stronger
  6. Media trip to NYC, where I met a bunch of inspiring boss ladies
  7. I have money in my bank account
  8. I am okay
  9. Different opportunities my job has exposed me to
  10. Durham
  11. My apartment
  12.  Music
  13. Netflix
  14. Hulu
  15. iTunes
  16. Durham
  17. My friends in Durham
  18. I can afford to go out to dinner when I want to
  19. I’m saving money
  20. My window bench
  21. My bed
  22. My family
  23. Social media
  24. My car
  25. The experiences that have shaped me thus far- good, bad, & indifferent
  26. I am capable of cleaning my apartment (despite feeling otherwise)
  27. I enjoy writing
  28. I have a lot of books I can read that I have not read yet
  29. Yoga
  30. Running
  31. Friends that motivate, encourage, and inspire me Gratitude-image-300x200
  32. Lactaid milk
  33. Inspirational quotes
  34. One day at a time
  35. What is available at my fingertips
  36. My ideas
  37. My creativity
  38. My passion
  39. I am capable of setting goals and achieving them
  40. My fortune tonight from a Chinese fortune cookie said, “Attitude may seem small, but can make a world of difference”
  41. Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
  42. The things I don’t have (illness, forest fires, etc.)
  43. I am learning each day to become more in touch with my feelings
  44. Today is day 52 of my 365 challenge and I still feel inspired and motivated to make an effort to create something every day
  45. Pencils and the ability to erase and make changes
  46. My mindinterrupt-anxiety-with-gratitude
  47. My positivity
  48. I genuinely enjoy running
  49. Being outside
  50. Warm weather
  51. Beaches and sand
  52. Miki Agrawal
  53. (0ne for good luck) Screenshots (the ability to take screenshots on my phone.)

In an effort to hold yourself accountable (if you so chose to join me on this challenge), post one thing you are grateful for in the comments below.



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