Gratitude Day 1

(Day 53 of my 365 day challenge to create content every day)

  1. I got out of the house today
  2. I watched a movie that made me laugh (It was cheesy but cute and called Unleashed)
  3. I went for a hike today
  4. Ran a few errands (Trader Joe’s run, return, new oatmeal pot purchase)
  5. Rest
  6. I received a thoughtful text this morning
  7. I received an e-mail recognizing one of my accomplishments today
  8. I am okay
  9. My health
  10. My body is sore from running this week, but the pain is managable
  11. I listened to my body on my hike/run
  12. I have clothes to keep me warm when it’s cold outside
  13. Despite the cold temperatures, my heating bill was only $5 higher than my budgeted amount
  14. My bed
  15. Warm water
  16. Tea
  17. I experienced a few moments of joy and hope today
  18. My car
    Of note, observation, it’s harder to write a public gratitude list than it is a private one. There are lots of things I’d include on my gratitude list if I knew no one would read it, whether those things be private, seem of little significance, be work-related, or person-related, they are difficult to share online, which makes making these lists and publishing them everyday all the more challenging as I need to find +50 things I am grateful for each day that I don’t mind sharing publicly.
  19. I can afford my bills
  20. My teeth
  21. My hair
  22. My eyes and sight and vision
  23. My mind
  24. My computer
  25. My phone
  26. My hands
  27. My physical abilities
  28. The color red
  29. Music
  30. My hearing
  31. My sense of smell
  32. Social media
  33. The Money Diaries by Refinery29
  34. Heat
  35. Warm weather
  36. Judaism
  37. Tissues
  38. Google
  39. Kelli
  40. Debbie
  41. Morgan
  42. Ann
  43. Aileen
  44. Pillows
  45. Fuzzy blankets
  46. Socks
  47. Hope
  48. Today
  49. Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime
  50. Soup
  51. FaceTime
  52. Opinions that oppose that of my own
  53. The Glitter Plan

gratitude (1)

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