Gratitude Day 3

Today, I want to change it up a bit, still on the theme of gratitude, but I’d also like to expand today’s content to include another blog post with my response and thoughts on the Aziz Ansari sexual assault allegations and the different responses I have seen so far.

[Day 55  of 365]

  1. Social media
  2. Men who express their feelings
  3. Thoughtful people
  4. My job
  5. My co-workers
  6. The internet
  7. Content on social media and the internet
  8. Live streaming
  9. Streaming services for TVs and movies
  10. My physical health
  11. I went to yoga tonight
  12. I worked out 3x last week and went for a hike on Saturday
  13. Cleaned my apartment a bit
  14. My friends in Durham
  15. Two friends came over tonight, which motivated me to do some cleaning
  16. Both guys I reached out to about sharing their responses to Aziz Ansari’s allegations said I could share what they wrote
  17. I am okay
  18. I am looking forward to tomorrow

(Tonight, I decided I would stop at 18, and it’s funny because I feel like I could go on, whereas when I did 50+ things I was grateful for, it, sometimes, felt really challenging to come up with 50 + gratitudes.)

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