Gratitude Day 5

For Gratitude Day 4, watch my Facebook Live video here.

  1. The snow today is pretty looking
  2. I have heat and power
  3. My bed
  4. I got tot work from home today and was moderately productive
  5. My bed is warm and cozy
  6. Music
  7. My diverse iTunes library (filled with music from different periods of my life and music shared with me by friends, family, and more)
  8. I didn’t have to go outside today (which I am grateful for because we got 1 foot of snow here)
  9. I completed my work, and I made a deal with myself that if I did that, I could binge watch Big Little Lies, which I started this weekend
  10. Beyoncé
  11. Amy Winehouse
  12. Aziz Ansari’s sex allegations, #MeToo, #TimesUp, and the interesting conversations and written pieces it has led to
  13. Candles
  14. Shells
  15. Flowers
  16. Bright lamps
  17. Soft rugs
  18. Not having carpet in my apartment
  19. My job
  20. Pay day is Friday
  21. I have not spent any money this week
  22. Alone Together (new show on FreeForm)
  23. FreeForm
  24. Belly laughs
  25. How a certain song can transport me back to another time or specific moment
  26. That I only have 5 days left of this 10 day gratitude challenge 😜
  27. All of my blog followers
  28. People keeping up with and following my content challenge
  29. Having lots of ideas about this blog and redecorating my apartment (both have to with organization and space)
  30. That I am not married
  31. That I am not pregnant
  32. That I have relatively low financial burdens
  33. If I had to replace my car tomorrow, financially I probably could
  34. I am okay
  35. I am starting to have the willingness to see a doctor about my ongoing congestion
  36. I’m not happy or sad today- I am more neutral
  37. Watching people’s coverage of today’s snow and their snow day activities
  38. Feeling more hopeful about my creative ideas right now than I was earlier in the day
  39. I set up my water colors so they are out in an area I can see them, access them, and use them, and I like how it looks
  40. In terms of food, I have just what I need in my house today
  41. Almost to day 60 of my 365 day challenge of creating content
  42. Different perspectives
  43. I’m using my new planners
  44. Warm fuzy socks
  45. Enjoyed spending time with friends last night
  46. Did not wake up sore this morning from my exercise class
  47. Social media and it’s power to connect people- I spoke to someone in Colorado, Arizona, Durham, and Raleigh today through Instagram stories
  48. The color red
  49. Pajamas
  50. I feel more hopeful and motivated about cleaning out everything I own in Durham and creating more space for myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually
  51. Thoughtful people in my life who care about me
  52. Durham
  53. It’s going to warm up tomorrow and Friday
  54. Seeing Audra McDonald with a close friend this weekend
  55. Attending a conference for work in NYC next weekend
  56. Tomorrow is a new day and fresh start

[Day 57 of 365]

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