Gratitude Day 6

I had a positive day today. Today was my second day of working from home

  1. Productive day
  2. Had a more positive outlook and mindset today
  3. Relaxed and got work done at the same time
  4. Shoveled off my car
  5. Drove my car up and down my unplowed street this afternoon
  6. I enjoyed working from home for two days and am ready to go back into the office
  7. I feel a bit more organized
  8. Really using my calendars
  9. My ideas were supported
  10. Creating space and distance where I need it
  11. Feeling more hopeful
  12. Feeling more gratitude
  13. Working from home means I can stay in my pajamas and bed all day and in today and yesterday’s case, I was able to get work done
  14. A lot of snow melted today
  15. I don’ t have to figure it out or have all of the answers
  16. Checked a lot off of my to do list
  17. I feel ready to shower, leave the house, and rejoin society tomorrow 😉
  18. Yoga
  19. Fun weekend plans
  20. Feeling more motivated to do my laundry and clean my apartment in this moment
  21. Felt sore from my work out class the day before when I went to bed last night
  22. Apple products
  23. Cinnamon
  24. Tea
  25. Facebook
  26. Moments when I feel heard
  27. Moments I feel confident and self-assured
  28. My health
  29. I am okay
  30. Most of my bodily functions work properly
  31. I can see
  32. I can hear
  33. Going to NYC next weekend and starting to feel more positive and excited about it
  34. Doing things I don’t want to do that are good for me. I did a bunch today
  35. My computer
  36. My apartment
  37. Content created since Aziz Ansari’s sexual assault allegations
  38. New ideas for water color
  39. I findi inspiration in most things
  40. I have strong ideas and the ability to execute on them
  41. I have very strong self-awareness, sometimes painfully so
  42. I don’t have a boyfriend
  43. For the most part, I am financially self-supporting
  44. Thinking about replacing my car a little bit more
  45. That I have not replaced and car and followed what I thought and felt was right
  46. Dave Ramsey
  47. Music
  48. The stuff in my apartment
  49. Vaseline
  50. Tissues
  51. Warm tea
  52. Color
  53. Durham, NC
  54. Inspirational quotes
  55. Content that moves me, changes the way I think and see the world
  56. I am learning to trust myself a bit more
  57. Tomorrow is Friday
  58. The # 18

[Day 58 of 365]



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