Gratitude Day 7

1. A week of gratitude

2. I did not lose power and have heat and electricity and a warm and cozy apartment to come home to

3. Willingness to do my dishes before I got to bed tonight

4. Went to grocery store after dinner with friends tonight and before I came home tonight to pick up food and contact solution I needed

5. Common sense and people who have it

6. My bed

7. Socks

8. Willingness to read before I go to bed tonight

9. Did not buy food I did not need at grocery store tonight despite putting it in my cart

10. Though my street has not been plowed, I was able to get to work today

11. Though my street has not been plowed, I was able to get home at 11pm tonight

12. Moments of hope, inspiration, and creativity

13. Warm baths

14. My willingness to let go of more material things

15. Made a commitment to someone this week and so far have kept up my commitment

16. Belly laughs- I laughed so hard tonight I thought I was going to pee my pants

17. A place to call home

18. Vaseline (chapped lips from this cold are the worst)

19. I can afford my groceries

20. I can afford my rent

21. My ability to think outside the box

22. I am okay

23. My physical and mental health

24. I feel motivated to do some stuff tomorrow- cleaning and exercise

25. Nice phone call today with a concerned friend who told me what I need to hear

26. The world I live in- though problematic, there is space for people to freely express themselves

27. I think I learn something new every day

28. Despite my best efforts to not feel my feelings, I felt my anger and frustration today and did not engage in my go to behaviors to numb out. I did do things to distract myself

29. Music

30. Amy Winehouse

31. Warm clothes

32. The impermanence of life

33. Vice Media

34. FreeForm

35. HBO

36. Facebook

37. Inspiring moods

38. Natural remedies that change my mood like talking, writing, reading, cleaning, taking a bath, or sleeping

39. My car works for today

40. I have a car

41. I have health insurance

42. I have a regular salary

43. School of Rock The Musical

44. The way theatre can change perceptions and the way others see the world

45. I have a full-time job

46. My friends

47. I went out tonight

48. I recognize areas where I could improve myself and my life

49. Kind words

50. Words of encouragement

51. Physical, emotional, and spiritual space

52. Sleep

53. Feelings are not facts

54. My yoga mat

55. The few contortion classes I took

56. I have a plan for tomorrow

57. Natural beauty

58. Lots of hiking trails by me

59. Sunshine- sun came out today and melted even more snow

[Day 59 of 365]

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