Gratitude Day 8

1. I cried hysterically today (I rarely cry and it feels good to let myself feel my feelings)

2. I went for a run today

3. Followed through on a commitment I made

4. Shared honestly something that was challenging and embarrassing for me today

5. I’m okay

6. My physical health

7. Sun came out today and melted a lot of snow

8. Directv live streaming on my computer, which means I can now watch Hallmark 😍

9. Cocoa Butter

10. Heat

11. Pens and pencils

12. My ideas

13. Thoughtful people

14. Seeing Audra McDonald tomorrow

15. Anger and that I feel it

16. My bed

17. Sleeping

18. Kleenex

19. Bras

20. Natural beauty

21. Warm winter boots

22. Baths

23. Instagram

24. Facebook

25. Music

26. Spoke to my Grandpa today and his supportive words and anecdotes

27. I have health insurance

28. WiFi

29. Received an e-mail this morning that made me feel good

30. My hearing

31. Fun time with friends last night

32. Most things that make me laugh

33. I was gifted a message

34. iTunes gift card

35. Tea

36. People that communicate well

37. People that listen

38. People that validate me and believe in me

39. That I am learning

40. I made all of my meals at home today

41. Thoughtful friends

42. Cozy pajamas

43. Ailments I don’t have

44. Hallmark Channel

45. I want to do water colors

46. I want to do my laundry

47. I found out I don’t have to travel to Greensboro tomorrow

48. Made a commitment to myself today for May

49. My teeth

50. Floss

51. Superfloss

52. Strong female role models

53. Madonna

54. Gloria Estefan

55. Billionaires

56. The internet

57. Bokeh

58. Creativity

59. Innovation

60. My hair

[Day 60 of 365]

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