ACTions Speak Louder Than Thoughts

Here’s a video I made for today:

Here’s some things I am grateful for today:

  1. Willingness to brush and floss my teeth last night before I got into bed
  2. Went to run club tonight
  3. Fell during run club, laughed it off, got back up, and was not seriously injured
  4. A friend forced herself over lol- she came over tonight to be supportive
  5. When people start meaningful dialogues on Facebook/social media
  6. More inspired today to create content
  7. When plans don’t work out, and it’s okay
  8. LinkedIn now supports video (even though I can’t get any of mine to upload yet… lol)
  9. I am okay
  10. My physical health
  11. I did 2 good things for myself today
  12. Am seeking help for my emotional turmoil
  13. Am taking action
  14. Put away all of my laundry
  15. Pulled out a few things to pack for my business trip this weekend
  16. Floor in my apartment is getting cleaner/cleared
  17. Unloaded and reloaded dish washer
  18. Ate 3 meals and 2 snacks today
  19. Drinking fluids
  20. How some people seem to think highly of me
  21. A new potential neat opportunity that may or may not come into fruition
  22. I’m not perfect and that’s okay
  23. Getting more excited for BroadwayCon (3 day conference this weekend)
  24. Sometimes things don’t work out the way I want them to and that’s okay
  25. Supportive friends
  26. Supportive family
  27. Did daily spiritual readings this morning
  28. Got to work earlier today

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