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Eventually I want to get to a place where I can devote more time to my daily content creation endeavors, but currently I am preoccupied with emotional turmoil and work commitments. So, it is 11:17pm on Day 65 of 365, and I am going to write about my daily gratitudes today.

The goal right now is to just practice the discipline of following through with something I say I am going to do every day. The quality of the content I create is a concern of mine, but baby steps. Today, the focus is on self-discipline and following through with what I say I am going to do.

This challenge has been an exercise like most of life in acceptance and seeing I am not perfect. One day I fell asleep before I created content, and I think I’ve posted 2 or 3 times past midnight on the day I was supposed to post, but so is life… It is not perfect and neither am I and that is okay. This is something I work daily to accept.

So here goes today’s gratitudes

  1. I have choices
  2. I live in abundance despite depriving myself of many things
  3. I was productive today
  4. I made two calls to support myself today
  5. I am taking steps to feel better
  6. I am all packed and ready for my trip tomorrow morning
  7. I made myself dinner tonight
  8. I don’t have to make any decisions today
  9. My company is sending me to a cool conference to learn, grow, and create content this weekend
  10. Each day I learn how to get out  of my own way a little more
  11. I have people that support or care about me in my life
  12. I have choices (I need to keep reminding myself this)
  13. Sometimes, I feel my opinion is valued and that makes me feel good
  14. My hair
    Photo on 1-25-18 at 11.24 PM #2
  15. Storage on my phone
  16. Audra McDonald
  17. NYC
  18. Nice people

Other Note: One of the reasons I think this challenge has been as successful as it has been… (What defines success to me is that I have kept up with it for 65 days, which means I only have 300 days left to go 🙂 ) is that I have not given myself too many rules or been to rigid in my expectations of myself, but I do want to share to rules I have been holding myself to, which are

  1. I cannot recycle content I made for work and count it as my content creation for the day
  2. I cannot use food or a meal I made as my daily content creation

These are just two parameters I have set for myself. I want the content I create to be original, in that its purpose is for this challenge and not food related, but more artistically and creatively driven, i.e. not something I made or did out of necessity (no matter how pretty the presentation of the dish is or how tasty it was 😉 )

I feel doing either of these things would be a cop out. I can include content I created for another purpose or show food I created or consumed, but those things cannot stand alone as my sole content for the day.


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