One Day I’ll Make You Hear

So, tonight is the first night since last Thursday that I could really decompress and all I want to do is watch the last two episodes of This is Us… but I digress

So, today is day 71 of 365, and I’m a bit pissed as I had two ideas for today’s content and both of those ideas have completely left me, and I have no idea what they are… I even know when they came to me, but have no recollection of what they are. One came to me last night before bed, and I remember thinking there is no way I will forget this- it’s such a great idea or I felt it fit well with where I was and felt inspired to write about it… The other came in a yoga class this morning and then, I was trying really hard to remember my idea from last night. Then, I realized I was in yoga class and I imagined my thoughts as balloons with strings that I could let go of and allow to float off into the distance or something that I could acknowledge and let flow down the stream.. maybe like lily pads and instead of jumping on each one, I could see them and let them pass by…. or maybe they were light stones or pebbles in a river that I chose not to pick up, but to let float down the stream. Whatever I pictured, I was able to let my thoughts go and for a few seconds, be present for myself in my yoga class.

So, here goes something else…

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