Mental Health

Mental Health feels like a very taboo topic and something to be very ashamed about if you don’t possess a healthy state of mind.

Yesterday was day 73 of 365, and I consciously decided not to create content, which really upsets me, but I didn’t feel I had it in me and did not want to make something that felt like a cop out, i.e. one or two lines about self-care or why I wasn’t creating something so I just didn’t create anything.

Part of my struggle the past few days with creating content, which has been my struggle since day 1, is how much of me do I want to share online. Some of the stuff I have shared online I don’t think I have even shared with my closest family members and friends, which feels weird… i.e. sharing such personal details with strangers online and having no control of where what I say will end up or who will end up seeing it..

My other struggle is how I feel changes daily, even hourly, at times, so I fear writing how I feel in this moment because tomorrow I could wake up feeling completely differently, and I don’t want to be bound to what I said previously. I am also just flat out scared, scared to share how I feel, scared to feel my feelings, scared to make decisions that could drastically change my life, scared to talk about these decisions that could drastically change my life, scared of what others will or will not think of me, scared of what I think of me, basically scared of everything, which is paralyzing me from doing anything or taking any action.

If I take certain actions, I worry what will happen to my 365 day challenge. I’m not sure if it’d be in my best interest to stop the challenge or pause the challenge, but I think I usually think about the best interest of others or what I think others will think of me if I stop my challenge before I am even halfway through.

The actions I am considering taking are much more serious and have much larger consequences than stopping or continuing my content challenge, but focusing on my content challenge is a distraction.

Here are some pieces I have come across in the last few days around mental health, physical health, and stigma:

This piece is very surface level and doesn’t really say much, but I think it still makes a point about how stigma around mental health interferes with people seeking and getting the treatment they need, especially in certain communities.

Advocates: Teaching mental health at a young age could lead to early detection, prevention

  • Being Fully Alive is Worth Fighting For

I don’t feel fully alive and that is what I would like to fight for.

One thought on “Mental Health

  1. Hi T! Don’t stress your blog. I really feel we can all relate. It’s nice to have an outlet, but social media is tough! I think writers back in the day (and even today) had a much easier time of publishing a story behind a pen name. You know this stuff way better than I do, but a pen name is like a writing tool that I think totally allows the writer to just speak freely and allows them to step away from the material if they need some time to take a break from identity of what being a writer is. What’s the word I’m lookin for…. “device” (??). I think it’s way more stronger than just a device. A pen name has like a magical effect on a writer’s flow. Me personally, I don’t feel comfortable putting my heart out there on certain subjects, at least not yet. I do with certain people, but not the public. It would weigh me down in my weakest moments, like after the happy coffee wears off or like waking up first thing in the morning and having an imagined world of social media scrutinizing my life with a magnifying glass 🙂. Been there, felt that! 🙂 Anywho, you’re in the driver’s seat. If it stresses you, by all means take a break. Call it something like….. Day 80- 1 week of 365 😉. You make the rules. I see how you are being brave and strong to help people and there are other people also passionate to help you carry this message to.


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