Turn inward

Creating content each day has been challenging as I have shared, but tonight I am in higher spirits.

I am feeling gratitude for the people in my life and for my willingness to reach out to them.

I hope that I can get to a place that one day when people ask me for advice I am able to tell them, “you know exactly what to do” or some empowering message similar to that.

The best advice I’ve been given and most encouraging words I’ve received in the last few days when my spirits have been down has been the following:

  • Trust your gut
  • Listen to your heart
  • You know what to do
  • What does Taylor think?
  • What does Taylor want?
  • It will be okay

It’s challenging when you’re down to make out the healthy voices in your head from the self-sabotaging voices in your head. What has helped me has been talking to others and reading books in print (I developed a twitch in my left eye on Monday from too much screen time and stress and am making more of an effort to read things in print, not on a screen). Plus, there is something to be said for reading things in print, holding a book, and turning the pages. For me it feels more important and I think I absorb what I read in a different way when reading it in print vs. online or on a screen.

Today is day 76 of my 365 day challenge to create content every day and for today, I plan to continue this challenge for all 365 days.

Side note, I thought yesterday was day 76 and kind of felt in my body that it was day 76 and it was, but because I consciously decided not to create on day 73, I posted that content a day late on day 74, which has set my day count back one day. Today, I feel okay about this.

It’s like yoga- everything you do on the mat is practice for what you do off the mat. So is true with this challenge, if I fall down or mess up, I get back up and move forward as that is how I intend to live my life outside of this challenge.

And lastly, because I’ve been sharing a lot about mental health, here is a tweet from this morning from Broadway’s “most visible and vocal supporter.”

Laura Heyword, who goes by BroadwayGirlNYC on social media, is a very bubbly, energetic, and smiley person, someone who looking at from the outside, I doubt, many would suspect that she comes from a background of chronic depression.

I am not sure what prompted her to tweet this, this morning, but I am grateful she did as I feel it helps break some of the stigmas around mental health and mental illness.

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