Courage to Change

Today, for day 77 of my 365 day challenge, I did something differently. When I had an idea for my content, I wrote it down.

The idea came to me in my yoga class today.

I had set an intention last night to go to yoga at 7am today, and I got up at 6am, and started on my daily readings from meditation daily readers and kept falling asleep. I rewoke at 6:36am with one reader staring me in the face. I read that reader and both its title and daily reading today were about change and how taking small actions or strides can lead to much deeper and more meaningful changes down the line. Despite all of this, I fell back asleep and re-awoke at 6:50pm, I knew I’d be late for yoga, but nevertheless I persisted… 😝

When I got out of yoga this morning, I felt very positive and wanted to capture that spirit. I’m glad I wrote this idea down because by the end of my day today, I don’t feel the same way anymore. I feel tired and less hopeful and inspired. I feel worn out.

All this to say… I’m not really sure what I’m saying… maybe it’s just another way of my expressing and showing that feelings fluctuate and change. I am grateful for the impermanence of everything, especially feelings because some feelings are really painful, making their impermanence precious to me.

When I got out of yoga today and turned on the radio in my car, the song that was playing was “One Foot in Front of the Other” by Walk the Moon, and for today, that is my anthem to help me to keep moving forward, putting one foot in front of the other, and taking the next step forward.

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