I am setting a goal to take time particularly on weekends and perhaps weeknights when I get home from work to go through my files and notebooks and read what I have written.

I’ve been writing for years, and I put down my hopes and dreams and then file them away or close the book. I would like to reopen them and do something more proactive with them- like identify steps I can take each day to reach them.

What prompted this was that tonight I started to clean my apartment and came across many of my writings, lists, vision board files, etc. and here I am about two hours later. It’s not complete or perfect, but I got almost everything off the floor, vacuumed, and put things away. Nothing like a notice on your front door that your apartment will be inspected this week for HVAAC, clutter, and more to motivate ya a bit!

Keeping my apartment more tidy is a lifelong goal of mine, but I seem to revert back to clutter in the blink of an eye. When everything is in its place, my mind, body, and spirit feel 100x better and more motivated and inspired. I feel more clearheaded.

To taking actions and working toward my goals!

[Day 80 of 365 over & out 👊🏻]

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