20 Minutes to Midnight

Day 81 of 365 and I am racking my brain for an idea of what to create today, and it’s not coming to me…

I don’t want this challenge to just turn into a diary of me telling y’all what I did today or thought or felt. I want it to be a real creation, which is not how its been going recently.

My goal is to be a creator- to take an idea and run with it- try it even if it fails, even if no one likes it,  even if no one gets it- I want to put the time and effort in to do and create content I truly believe in

An example of this is the funky Bushwick, Brooklyn loft that a woman invested $10,000 in to turn into an amazing Air B&B I shared about in yesterday’s post.

Another is this new web series called Relocators Riding in Cars with Realtors. I think the concept and idea behind this is brilliant, but the execution could be improved.

So, there I did it again. I did exactly what I said I didn’t want to do

What is even more frustrating is I know I had an idea for content when I pulled into the parking lot at work this morning. I remember exactly when my ideas come to me, but not what the ideas are, but JK I just remembered after now racking my brain for 45 minutes.

It had to do with the song that was playing on the radio when I pulled into work – Wanna Be Happy? by Kirk Franklin. I resonated deeply with the lyrics and found humor that the answer was “to let Jesus take the wheel.” So, here is this nice  Jewish girl driving into work on Ash Wednesday rocking out to “let Jesus take the wheel.” I very much enjoy gospel and Christian Rock music with these types of “let go” messages, and the mention of Jesus doesn’t really bother me anymore. I just replace it in my head with something that has deep meaning and power to me.

“If you’re tired of being the same
If you’re tired of things not changing
It’s time for you to get out the way
Don’t get stuck in how you feel
Say Jesus take the wheel
He knows the road that you need to take
(But it only works if)
If you wanna be happy
(Look at yourself and say)
Don’t you wanna be happy
I just wanna be happy”

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