Action or Inaction — Awareness, Acceptance, Action — Awareness and Avoidance

These are my notes from three days ago  (Saturday, Feb 17):

Action or inaction

How do you know when to take an action?

Awareness and avoidance

Instead of awareness, action, and acceptance

Being so on top of it and having your shit together vs. being a mess

Share screenshots of quotes I read and resonate with

Spending 100 years working out kinks of past and then move forward

So, as those of you who follow my 365 day challenge efforts know, I have not posted content in 4 days. I did record myself talking on Friday, Feb 16 for day 83, but it was too personal and explicit to publish, and on Sunday, Feb 18, I went for a walk outside and thought about not publishing content for 7-10 days while still creating content each day. Instead of publishing it, I was thinking I could just create it for myself and somehow take a picture of it each day to show I had done it and have accountability without having to share the details and specifics of the content I create for those 7 – 10 days. I thought it may be an interesting exercise to create when I knew no one else would see it.


I haven’t posted because I haven’t felt like it, which sounds like a lame or lazy excuse. It’s more than that, but I don’t fully want to go into it, which is why I haven’t posted anything.

Today, I heard someone talking about having a shoulder injury and how frustrating it was to go into work the other day, after not having gone into work because of a shoulder surgurey and recovery, and not being able to do their job because of their injury. I resonated with that a lot as I feel injured right now and unable “to do my job,” this extends past my actual job into all aspects of my life. I don’t feel well, and I don’t want to discuss it because I have a lot of shame and embarrassment around how I feel, my behaviors, and my reactions to how I feel, which is why I haven’t felt like creating content. I often don’t feel I have the energy to create content, and I wish I could just create even when I feel uninspired, low, angry, and sad, but that is not proving to be the case as of late.

I’ll share on my notes from three days ago as that is what I wanted to write on.

Action or inaction

How do you know when to take an action?

Awareness and avoidance

Instead of awareness, action, and acceptance

What I was feeling when I jotted down those notes was that action is the key for me right now, but taking actions each day is proving very difficult. There is a slogan “awareness, acceptance, action,” which posits first you have to have awareness, next acceptance, and only then can you take a warranted action. I feel my pattern right now is more awareness and avoidance. I am aware of my feelings, issues, and what is going on, and just avoiding them, which is not fully accurate or the full picture, but I am very hard on myself and tend to dwell on the negative and all of the things I am not doing or not doing right.

So, today, I would like to recognize the positive actions I have taken recently, most of which I did not want to take:

  1. I went to work
  2. I packed my lunch and snacks
  3. I had breakfast
  4. I went to yoga after work
  5. I grocery shopped on Sunday
  6. I went for a walk on Sunday
  7. I finally looked up in network doctors this evening and compiled a list to call
  8. Did a little research towards other actions I would like to take
  9. On Saturday, I was out of the house by 8:15am
  10. I did two activities on Saturday to take care of myself
  11. I emptied and loaded the dishwasher over the weekend
  12. I have reached out to a number of doctors and professionals for assistance

Other Gratitudes

  1. 3 of the doctors called me back yesterday
  2. Rejection is protection? Many of the doctors are not taking new patients
  3. 3 people from different parts of my life reached out to me today to provide support
  4. I can walk
  5. I can walk up and down stairs
  6. I can see
  7. I can hear
  8. I have choices

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