Day 86 of 365

Gratitude list

1. I am not giving up

2. I went for a run today

3. Was out of house by 10:30am this morning

4. Took an action towards my self-care today

5. Got a handful of referrals for doctors over the weekend

6. Did all of my laundry

7. Grocery shopped

8. Made a salad

9. Cooked

10. I’m okay

11. My mobility

12. My curls

13. My body

14. Inspirational quotes

15. Duke Forest Trails

16. Tea

17. Running shoes

18. Yoga

19. Dining room table analogy

Having a dining room table but being a hoarder and covering it with boxes, books, newspapers- useless things you don’t need that prevent you from using dining room table. When you clear off table, you can use table to sit down with people. You have space to use the table and can make use of its purpose.

20. Music

21. Beach House

22. Sunshine

23. Warmer weather this weekend

24. My apartment

25. Cell phones

26. Water

27. Supportive people

28. School of Rock songs by Andrew Lloyd Weber

29. So many books I want to read

30. Converse sneakers

31. Innovation

32. Emojis

33. Golden goose sneakers

34. Minimalism

35. Instagram

36. My family

37. My friends

38. Having clean clothes

39. My computer

40. My mind

41. Patience, love, kindness, tolerance, compassion, empathy

42. I am always learning something new

43. My vision

44. Colors

45. Electricity

46. Candles

47. Heat

48. Air conditioning

49. Learning not to repeat the same behaviors over and over again and expect different results

50. Social media

51. The color red

52. Dogs

53. When people follow up about plans we’ve made

54. My health

55. The shower

56. Running water

57. Clean drinking water

58. I have choices

59. Sarah Lawrence College

60. Imagination

61. Creativity

62. The resiliency in those I see around me

63. Warm water

64. Contacts

65. Glasses

66. Tony Bennett

67. I don’t have to have all of the answers or figure it all out

68. Art

69. That I enjoy writing

70. Tv show on Netflix called “One Day at a Time”

71. Gloria and Emilio Estefan

72. Disrupters – people who disrupt to change the world for the better

73. I live in the “city of medicine”

74. Did things today I did not want to do but in the long run, will better serve me

75. My determination

76. I’m okay

77. Nothing is permanent

78. Fuzzy socks

79. Clean sheets and towels

80. Apricot scrub

81. Things could be worse

82. Hope, optimism, and positivity

83. For today, I can feel a lot of my feelings

84. My bed

85. Warm winter boots

86. Metallic colors, glitter, and sequins

87. Bright colors

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