Things that are inspiring me right now

I called two more doctors today- one was not taking any new patients (shocker!) … For living in the “city of medicine”… there sure seems to be a shortage of available doctors… I have gotten that response from a handful of receptionists in these last few weeks.

They told me I’d need to fill out their new patient packet (which they failed to mention was 16 pages long) if i wanted to see any doctor in their practice. I could come by their office to pick it up or visit their website, fill it out, and fax it… I almost lost it.

Then, I called another doctor, but the number listed online was for a practice for which she is not a part. The only available doctor at that practice was booked the next few weeks and did not take my insurance and would be $400 to see. I was pissed.

I found the original doctor I was trying to contact’s number, left her a voicemail, and a huge shift was created. I felt inspired and motivated. I printed the 16 page packet for the other doctor.

Moral of the story- action is key. Keep taking actions and pushing through against all odds.

I also saw a post-it with affirmations on my  full length mirror this morning, which I had to move out of my closet because of the water flooding issues yesterday in my closet, and the first affirmation I saw was “I am learning.” This also deeply inspired me because it is true, it is believable, and it inspires me to keep pushing forward. Even though I am very unhappy with my life right now, I can say and believe, “I am learning.” Each day, I learn something new whether I like it or not and whether I am aware of it or not, I am always learning!

Also, I wrote an e-mail to Nusrat Durani, former Senior VP at MTV World, last night and he wrote back a very kind and thoughtful response from France. This inspires me because this is the type of person I strive to be, one that no matter how much success I garner, I always respond to those who reach out to me, and I do so kindly and with humility.

I also feel inspired because I see certain opportunities and people put in my path that fill me with hope for a better, brighter, and happier future.

[Day 88 of 365]

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