My Nail Salon Wasn’t Built in a Day

Lots on my mind this evening and lots I want to create, but to start, here are some of the things I am grateful for today:

1. I went to yoga this morning.
I fell asleep last night with all of the lights on and my contacts in. My alarm went off at 6am on my phone, which was beside me in bed. I turned it off and went back to sleep, checked my phone it was 6:30am, 6:34am, 6:fifty something… Yoga is at 7. I pushed real hard and got myself up despite wanting to stay all cozy and warm in bed. I just told myself how good I would feel for going afterwards and this hour or more of sleep was not going to make me feel better in the long run. I would wake up feeling defeated, pathetic, and angry at myself that I had to wait until next Wed for this class.

2. I went to an appointment I have been waiting on for about a month today… FINALLY!

3. I made goals for myself this morning for tonight and wrote them down to help cement them in my mind, and I achieved them.
I wanted to cook my chicken, which is currently roasting in the oven and put away some of my clean laundry (underwear and socks), and I did that. I also wanted to mop my floors from the water flooding on Monday, and I did that as well.

4. I ran 4 miles tonight
This is something I am feeling really grateful for tonight as this is something I definitely take for granted- how easy it is for me to just pick up and run 4 miles. I am grateful for my mobility, my legs, my body that supports me, and my mind that tonight put a lot of thoughts in a container with the lid on it so I could focus on getting back to my destination and my breath.

So, on to

My Nail Salon Wasn’t Built in a Day

Last night, I got a manicure and pedicure and every time I go to my nail salon, I am amazed at the progress and how seemingly methodically they have renovated and expanded their space.

As I sat in the pedicure chair, I thought back to the yoga class I took on the previous night, in which the teacher said, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” in reference to the poses and having patience with ourselves and in our poses and with our balance. This particular teacher often points out that everyone in the class brings a different number of hours with them to the mat and reminds us not to compare ourselves to one another as we all bring with us a different experience level and hours of practice.

I look around the nail salon and remember how they didn’t replace all the chairs at once, they didn’t replace all the walls at once, they didn’t paint it all at once. They have taken it step by step.

 It seems like they never closed and have remained open during this whole process, which may not be true, but they did not shut down to do the whole renovation and then reopen when it was all complete, perfect, and everything was new and shiny.

It’s very inspiring to me every time I go to the nail salon to see how they’ve done it step by step. It feels like a metaphor- they’ve kept it clean and sanitary and presentable, but it’s not perfect. It looks really good, but yesterday when I was drying my nails, I noticed some of the messiness and disorganization that comes with renovating and remodeling- boxes of stuff and dust and different things. It felt inspiring. Here are the parallels I see between the ways my nail salon has gone about their renovation and life:

  1. Life and business take planning
    It looks to me like they budgeted for this. So, they decided to replace a certain number  of chairs at once, which costs a certain amount of money, and they remained opened so they were still making money during this renovation period to be able to make an income, pay their rent, overhead, employees, and afford these new features.I think what inspires me about this is I am someone who wants it all and wants it all now, and if it were me, I probably would have wanted to replace every chair at the same time, but it seems they really thought about what they could afford and when.
  2. Life is messy.
    By staying open, they showed authenticity to me. I realize for some I may be taking this metaphor way too far, but I genuinely appreciated seeing how they navigated this transition. Seeing boxes and tables out of place, but not in the way of customers or posing as a safety hazard was encouraging to me. It helped show me in a very concrete way that not everything can be all neat and tidy and tied up  and put up in a box with a beautiful red ribbon and bow.
  3. Life is full of change, and we often outgrow our spaces.
    It has been inspiring to watch this whole transformation because it has not happened over night and has taken time, patience, planning, and courage, which is true of life as well.



“When you’re in pain, when you think you’ve had enough
Don’t ever give up”
Up & Up – Coldplay



[Day 89 of 365]

[Photo Credit: Lonely Planet]

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