Last night, I put my iTunes on shuffle and the song “Seeing You” written by Tim Minchin from the Broadway Musical Groundhog Day came on. I really enjoy the music and lyrics from this show.

I spent a lifetime seeking signs, reading lines
Trying to forecast the future

I thought I’d seen it all
But sure by now I knew this place
I swear that I knew every hair
Each line upon your face

I thought the only way
To better days was through tomorrow

But I know now that I know
I know now that I know nothing
But I’m here
And I’m fine
And I’m seeing you, for the first time
I’m alright
I’m seeing you, for the first time”

My other favorite song from the show is “One Day”

“I was brought up in taffeta dresses
And taught to be pretty and precious
And spending my playtimes with plastic princesses
Who all had these bodies
Just utterly ludicrous
Minuscule waists and huge boobs and it’s
All nipple-less and no pubes
And no creases
I mean, Jesus
It’s pretty confusing
Especially at six

In that fairy tale world all the girls end up “happy ever after”
Wooing their knights in shining armor
But some nights down the track
You can bet they’ll be trapped
Spending nights in, shining armor
While their knights spend their nights at a bar
Or at a ball with some harlot
I’m not bitter
It’s just better that I don’t fall for all that
Romantic bullshit now that I’m older

Although I don’t mind the thought of being tossed over a shoulder
And trotted off to a mansion
By some ruggedly handsome
Man in a fireman helmet
And have him just use me for sex
As I say, it’s a little complex”

and “Playing Nancy”

“Well here I am again
The pretty but naïve one
The perky-breasted, giggly one night stand
Is it my destiny to be
A brief diversion
Just a detour on the journey of some man?

I’m not really one for askin’
I’ll play whatever role I’m cast in
Will smile with perfect teeth
And grimace underneath
I learned back in my teens
There’s no point in protestin’
If you look good in tight jeans
That’s what they’ll want you dressed in
Once you’re known for low-cut tops
It’s pretty hard to stop
It isn’t easy to break free
Of playing Nancy”

It’s sad to me that this show was not as well-received by the public as it was by me. It closed in September and its national tour was cancelled. The writing in the lyrics is very well done and touches on lots of different perspectives, points of views, and voices. Tim Minchin wrote all of the music and lyrics. I heard him speak about the show and he mentioned that one of the things that he enjoyed most about songwriting was that it allowed him to take on different perspectives and write from different points of views, like that of a woman, a man, a townsperson, a doctor, etc.

When I put my iTunes on shuffle, it often plays songs that touch me and speak to where I am currently at or how I am currently feeling like Up & Up – a Coldplay song covered by Lennon & Maisy


“Lying in the gutter, aiming for the moon
Trying to empty out the ocean with a spoon…

When you’re in pain, when you think you’ve had enough
Don’t ever give up”


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