Day 94- I’m relaunching my 365 day challenge

I’m relaunching my 365 day content challenge. I’m not sure what form it is going to take, and I am not making any promises.

The original challenge was to create content every day for 365 days to challenge myself and my discipline. The goal was not necessarily to create good content, but to just be creating every day and publishing/posting something every day to prove to myself I could do something every day and be disciplined… well, I failed, but I am not giving up, and I am not starting over either. I am picking up where I left off.

I stopped publishing content around March 13, the day of my last blog post (day 93). I stopped because I was severely depressed. I still feel severely depressed, but am making more strides to move forward. If you suffer from depression or have gotten out of a depression, I’d love to talk to you. So, please feel free to reach out. I have tried to restart this challenge a few times, and may share the posts from where I tried to restart here or in the future, but some were too vulnerable (like I was uncomfortable sharing that much detail online publicly) or maybe showed too much promise (i.e. I wanted to see if I could commit to what I was saying before I published a post full of promises that I might not be able to keep).


Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 4.27.08 PM

Anyways, today I am feeling a bit more inspired and wanted to share what I have been listening to recently, and the power music has in my life.

1 RUNAWAY AURORA – this song transports me to another time and place. I love the electronic sounds behind the “no take me  [home] where I belong” part – I can’t describe what it does to my whole body, but it changes me, and I find myself closing my eyes and rocking my head, neck, and shoulders.

“And I kept running for a soft place to fall”

2 RUNNING WITH THE WOLVES– I also really enjoy this song. I enjoy rocking out to this song with the windows down in my car and the wind blowing.

3 IN BOXES– I like the electronic parts in this too. I like that it kind of has two different sounds – one more eerie and one more upbeat, whimsical, and reminiscent of some of Florence + The Machine’s sound.

4 LITTLE BOY IN THE GRASS – I love the following part and resonate deeply with feeling this way when I am depressed:

“Finally I am over, over it all

When will my healing come?
When will my healing come?
Alone, sinking like a stone
When will my healing come?”

5 I BELIEVE – I loved the soundtrack from A Wrinkle in the Time and remember leaving the theater feeling more uplifted than when I entered it. Quite honestly, today this song is not moving me and kinda annoying me. Every day is different, but below are the lyrics that originally spoke to me and rang VERY true to me:

“There’s power in the thoughts that you think, there’s power in the words you say
Like I can, I can, I will, I will
I am, I am, no fear, no fear”
6 WARRIOR – I think this song was very powerful in A Wrinkle in Time, but at the moment I am not remembering what I connected with so strongly. I think it was that it went along with the theme of choosing lightness over darkness and fighting to stay in the light/positive.

I could be a warriorYes, I am a warrior…

Inside-side the light
Inside-side the light
Inside, I’m alive”

7 FINESSE – I don’t think I liked this song when I first heard it, but now it’s a fun song to groove to. I think it brings me back to the Maks, Val & Peta Live On Tour: Confidential show because they performed to this song, and it was hot!
7 MAGIC– kind of a depressing/slow song, but I’m all about finding magic in ordinary life:
“I’ve been waiting for a magic moment
But maybe there are magic moments
Could it be a magic moment now?
But darling it’s a magical, magical life, life, life
(I heard this as But I’m learning it’s a magical life, life, life)
When you can find the magic in an everyday night
(I heard this as magic in everyday life)
Magic in an ordinary life”
8 MAKE ME FEEL – sexy song and beats
“so good so good so fucking real”
10-13 are all songs written or co-written by a new (to me) (country) songwriter I was just introduced to, JT Harding. These songs represent a theme to me of doing what you love and inspire me because JT has some very unique stories. I got the chance to meet him this week, and he has a magnetic personality and is overwhelmingly kind to everyone he meets- his fans, security guards, etc. It was moving to watch him interact with other people and his audience. He is an entertainer and knows how to engage his audience, make them laugh, and even smile.
14 AMERICANS – listen to the whole song and pay close attention to every word. A different type of American anthem.

“Just love me baby, love me for who I am”

15 LIKE HOME – This song is very inspiring to me. I’m not sure I necessarily agree with all of the lyrics I highlighted below, but what I am highlighting is the way the songwriters strung words together and connections, analogies, etc.  they made. I’d encourage everyone to listen closely to the whole song as the lyrics are dope? 🤷
1- Love all the collaborations on Eminem’s new album. I’m not even a huge Eminem fan, but loving his Revival/relaunch- very empowering and inspiring to see that you can start anew. I also really like the “unlikely” collaborations he has on his new album- Ed Sheeran, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and more. That is my definition of a “funky innovation:” putting two things together that don’t usually mix well or go together and making them work.
2- Love all the music coming out of this confusing political time and how it is inspiring such artistry. It’s inspiring art to be created in real time and reflect the current state of affairs.
3- Also, this song’s lyrics remind me a bit of Hamilton and Lin Manuel’s very thoughtfully crafted rap lyrics about a different period in history where politics were also askew, particularly the verse about “”I won’t give up
I won’t give up on my home, that so many died for.”
“Someone get this Aryan a sheet
Time to bury him, so tell him to prepare to get impeached
Everybody on your feet
This is where terrorism and heroism meet, square off in the street
This chump barely even sleeps
All he does is watch Fox News like a parrot and repeats
While he looks like a canary with a beak
Why you think he banned transgenders from the military with a tweet?
He’s tryin’ to divide us, this shit’s like a cult
But like Johnny he’ll only unite us
‘Cause nothin’ inside us drives us like this fight does”
“And here’s to where we all began, all began (stand up!)
Here’s to the land that made me
And made me who I am, who I am (hands up!)
Here’s to the land that raised me
This one for the only place that really knows me
From the cracks in the road that drove me
There’s no place like home”
“You stay on Twitter, way to get your hate off
Nazi, I do not see a way y’all differ
And all you got are race cards, bigot
The swastika with your name carved in it
Should be your trademark, ’cause hate’s all you played off
And you just lick the plate off
So I guess it pays to feed off of chaos
So basically, you Adolf Hitler!
But you ain’t ruinin’ our country, punk
Or takin’ our pride from us, you won’t define us
‘Cause like a dictionary, things are lookin’ up
So much, got a sprained neck, know we would rise up
Against this train wreck and take a stand”
“I won’t give up
I won’t give up on my home, that so many died for
You already know that I won’t give up
I won’t give up on my home, that so many died for
You already know
There’s no place like home, no place like home
Wherever I go, no place like home
No place like home, no place like home
Wherever I go (yeah)”
16 THE CHAMPION – powerful anthem
“The C is for the courage I possess through the drama
H is for the hurt but it’s all for the honor
A is for my attitude working through the patience
Money comes and goes so the M is for motivation
Gotta stay consistent, the P is to persevere
The I is for integrity, innovative career
The O is optimistic, open and never shut
And the N is necessary ‘cause I’m never giving up
See they ask me how I did it, I just did it from the heart”

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