What do I want?

For day 96 of 365, I answered the overwhelming questions I posed to myself in yesterday’s post.

I’m not ready to share them all, but I can share a few.

What do I want to do?

  • Tell stories
  • Inspire others
  • Be inspired
  • Learn, grow, develop
  • Gain new skills
  • Live with passion
  • Be happy
  • Travel
  • Be financially self-sufficient + be able to travel more

What do I want to accomplish? 

  • Change the world in some measurable way
  • Change policy on mental health and healthcare in general
  • Destroy stigma around physical and mental health

What kind of impact do I want to leave on the world?

  • A positive one
  • I know it sounds cliche, but I want to leave the world better than I found it

How can I make the biggest impact?

  • I think I need to be happy because when I am happy, I dream much bigger, am energized, & determined
  • News reporter
  • Build my own brand/empire
  • Connect with famous people with a story and share untold stories or new perspectives on their story
  • Create multimedia oral history art exhibits in museums around the world to share unique, powerful, and moving stories – have it featured on talk shows, radio, & podcasts

Affect positive social change? 

  • First, I need to be positive + exude positivity or maybe just my being authentic could help affect positive social change, i.e. encourage and inspire others to live their lives more authentically.
  • Hone my skills, practice them with the intention of one day using them to do my own thing (documentary film? my own media company? consulting?)

Be happy?

  • Go after what I really want
  • Follow my dreams – define my dreams and talk and write about them
  • Stop worrying what others think and stop people pleasing
  • Be my own me
  • Live out loud
  • Do things I enjoy
  • Drive to the beach
  • Go to changing art exhibit in Greensboro
  • Go to NCMA exhibits
  • Photo shoot

Wake up energized + excited to greet each day?

  • Meditation + prayer before bed and first thing in the morning
  • More running (run first thing in morning)
  • Brush teeth and floss and wash face before bed

Live + stay in gratitude

  • Daily gratitude list upon awakening and before bed + any other times throughout the  day

Not be so influenced by external things, other people, + other people’s opinions of me?

  • Go after what I truly want
  • Pray to be aligned with my greater purpose, the universe’s vision for me…
  • Trust my gut + listen to my insides
  • TRUST!

[Day 96 of 365]

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