When inspiration doesn’t strike…

I was of the belief that I had to be inspired to write, which got me into trouble with my 365 day challenge to create content every day for 365 days. I stopped this challenge at around day 70 or so and tried to pick it back up, but have failed.

I recently was speaking to a famous songwriter, as you do, and he said, one of the the things he hears all of the time is “Well you know I’m not inspired all the time… ”

To which, he responds, “You have to start with action. A lot of people think I have to be inspired and then, I’ll do something, but no, if you just start doing something, inspiration will come. So, if you are not inspired, pick up a guitar, play some boring chords, sit at a piano, write down some words that mean nothing- that aren’t even good and that’ll get you something. Action = inspiration, not inspiration = action. Do something. Do anything.”

I found this very inspiring and helpful. Action can lead to inspiration, and here I was thinking and waiting for inspiration to strike. But I am not inspired every day. I don’t always have some topic I feel passionately about that I want to write about. I am going to make more of an effort to create content when I am not inspired to practice and flex that muscle. Luckily, today I feel motivated and hence, was able to write this short blog, but other days it’s harder to get myself to put pen to paper, or brush to paint palette, or fingers to keyboard. But, here I am l, saying I am going to make an effort to do this more- create even when I don’t feel like it, which after all was the whole point of the 365 day challenge.

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