The Magic of Doing it Solo

It’s been a while… so, I thought I’d share a little bit about what I’ve been up to.

One cool experience I recently had was I went to a Lizzo concert alone. I felt mixed about it. On the one hand, I felt good and proud of myself for just doing what I wanted and on the other hand, I felt a little nervous- would I be lonely? what would others think?

I decided to go alone because none of my friends could commit to going, and I didn’t feel like trying to coordinate all the details that go along with going to an event with multiple people… plus, I knew it would sell out in the blink of an eye, so I just bought my ticket as soon as it went on sale! This was months ago, and the day to finally go see Lizzo came, and I felt good as hell.

I got all dressed up and I guess you could say took myself on a date. I went in with the hope I would make friends and somewhat to my surprise, I did! The four girls sitting next to me could not have been nicer or more friendly, and afterwards, we all went out to Karaoke together and had a blast. Just this past weekend, I invited them to come to Disco Sweat, a big roller skating party, with me and they did! We had so much fun skating and people watching.

All this to say, I really enjoy solo adventures, especially when it leads to connecting with new and interesting people. I am so grateful for this experience and my new friends.

One other solo experience I had recently was I took myself to Rocky Mount for the day to explore and check out a new coffee shop called Larema, that was created by someone from Durham. It was such a lovely and productive day. I spent the day at the coffee shop and then celebrated its grand opening with the Rocky Mount community, some folks from Durham, 3 comedians, a spoken word artist, and an awesome jazz and neo-soul band.

As we go into the Jewish new year this evening, I’m doing a little reflection on what I want to bring into this new year thanks to a brunch I attended at Moishe House yesterday and one intention I have is to continue to bring fun adventures and my desire to explore into the new year with me.

May your new year be filled with love and light ✨

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