“Wax Your Body,” He said

I have a lot on my mind right now and haven’t written in a while, so thought I’d get some of it out.

I’ve been thinking about writing another blog post about my body hair for about a month and am very scared to write it, nevertheless hit publish on it. Basically, I was having sex with this guy for about 9 months, and the last time, we were set to meet, he said he had a request, I asked him what it was and he responded, “Wax your body.” I was really upset, hurt, offended, and disappointed. We had been having sex for 9 months, and he never once said anything about my body hair, which was one of the things I liked about him. I was comfortable with my body hair, thinking he didn’t care about it. I wasn’t really shocked because when he said he had a request, my first thought was “don’t say anything about my armpit hair.” Anyways, that was the end of that “relationship.” I responded, “This is over,” and I haven’t heard from him since. Real class act guy. I am ashamed of this whole situation because I knew he was an asshole from day 1, but continued to have sex with him because it was fun and enjoyable.

My body hair is something I am super self-conscious of, and do my best to hid or pretend is not there. I have a lot of chin hair that I wax, and that is probably what I am most self-conscious of. I did hot yoga recently with a guy I’ve been on a few dates with and let my armpit hair show and was super self-conscious of it. Guys seem to be oblivious of a lot of things so I’m not sure if he even noticed or not, but I felt self-conscious and nervous about being vulnerable in that way.

I was stalking someone that lost a lot of weight and instead of posting a typical before and after picture, they shared openly and honestly about their struggle with PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome), their acne, weight gain, etc., which inspired me to share the below pictures of my body hair because you never see the true reality of people’s lives, struggles, and daily challenges. I don’t have PCOS, and have had many hormone tests, etc. to try and determine the cause of my excessive facial and body hair all to no avail, which leads me to conclude it’s just the way I was made.



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