He Disappeared

I went on three dates with this guy I thought I really liked and have not heard from him in over a week, which leads me to believe he decided that despite my showing genuine interest in him, he no longer wants to see me and is too lazy to let me know how he feels. I am really hurt and sad. I don’t understand what happened or why this happened. It seemed like we were having a good time and enjoying getting to know each other.

After our first two dates, I was super excited about him and really into him, but after our third date,  I felt differently… It felt like he kept trying to get me to go back to his place, which I was not comfortable with and repeatedly said no to. Nevertheless, I wanted to see him again and see if date three was a fluke or if maybe all he wanted was sex. Now, that I haven’t heard from him, I don’t know what to think other than he is not interested in me, or he did in fact just want sex and when I didn’t go back to his place, he lost interest.

What’s confusing about all of this is he seemed like a nice guy and none of this makes sense to me in light of how I felt when I was with him, which was good, safe, and considered. I guess I didn’t really know him, but from my stalking and the time I spent with him, he seemed like he was kind and considerate, so this behavior does not align with what I thought to be true about this guy.

I have yet again decided to take a break from dating, which is what it feels I am always doing, but this time, I am going to do some work on myself and establish boundaries for myself for dating and developing new relationships with men.

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